Signs along the way: Our special connection with G-d

Our belief in G-d does not depend upon the splitting of a sea or the sun and moon standing still.

Phil Chernofsky ,

Prayer services in Samuel's Tomb
Prayer services in Samuel's Tomb
Nati Shohat /Flash90

At the Burning Bush, Moshe worries about the people believing him, fearing they would say, that G-d did not appear to you.

G-d gives Moshe three signs to 'prove' that he did, indeed, speak to G-d.

G-d asks Moshe what he has in his hand - the MATEH, the staff - and tells him to throw it down, it turned into a snake, then to grab its tail and it turns back into a stick.

This, in order that the people will believe that HaShem really did appear to Moshe.

Further, stick your hand into your cloak, tzaraat, but it back, healed.

If they do not believe you after the first sign, they will definitely believe you after the second. And if still not, take some water from the river and spill it on the ground and it will turn to blood.

Three signs to show the people, so they will believe you.

Nine p'sukim (4: 1-9) are occupied with the signs.

But now, let's go back a number of p'sukim, to 3:12. After Gd says that He is sending Moshe to Mitzrayim to get the people out, Moshe questions Gd's choice of him (so to speak) and Gd says to Moshe - this will be a sign that I have sent you, after leading the people out, you will return to this spot (Chorev, Har Sinai) and serve Me here. Matan Torah,

Big difference between stick-to-snake, hand-in-cloak, water-to-blood, and taking the people out of Egypt, bringing them to Har Sinai to receive the Torah on the 50th day following the Exodus and making a life- long commitment to Gd, Torah and Mitzvot.

As the title says: There are signs and there are signs.

The three signs are meant to dazzle the people, impress them. But the real sign of the relationship between G-d and the People of Israel is much, much more substantial and significant.

We can similarly contrast the Rainbow shown to No'ach as a sign that Gd would no longer punish the world the way He had done with the Flood, with the Shabbat, Brit Mila, T'filin - each of which is a sign of a totally different kind.

Big difference.

Our belief in G-d, our commitment to the Torah, does not depend on a stick turning into a snake and then back again. Even if said stick ate up the sticks of the Chartumim of Mitzrayim. Our belief in G-d does not depend upon the splitting of a sea or the sun and moon standing still. It comes from His creation of the world, His taking us out of Mitzrayim, and His giving us the Torah.