Tel Hashomer hospital apologizes to Holocaust survivors

Hospital issues statement apologizing for an unfortunate choice of wording in a sign pertaining to Holocaust survivors

Shlomo Witty ,

Holocaust survivor
Holocaust survivor
Flash 90

Tel Hashomer hospital issued an apology today for an improperly drafted sign that caused undue discomfort to several Holocaust survivors.

At the entrance to the COVID-19 vaccination complex, a sign was placed that read: "Holocaust survivors who do not have an appointment are requested to take a number at the entrance."

The phrase "take a number" led to considerable unease among the Holocaust survivors in question. The hospital has apologized for the wording.

"In recognition of their special status in our hearts and society, Holocaust survivors were one of the first groups to be called for vaccination," the hospital commented. "Hundreds of them have already been vaccinated in our facility, and the process went smoothly and without incident. We apologize if we caused any discomfort or angst to these highly respected members of our citizenry."