Israeli politicians condemn riots at Capitol

"The events serve as an important reminder of the dangers of polarization and extremism in society."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Interior Minister Gideon Saar
Interior Minister Gideon Saar
Flash 90

Israeli politicians responded to recent riots in Washington DC.

New Hope Chairman Gideon Sa'ar : “I was sad to see the pictures from Washington DC last night. Order has been restored and I am sure there will be an orderly transition of power in the United States, our greatest friend in the world. The events serve as an important reminder of the dangers of polarization and extremism in society. We must never take democracy and its institutions for granted.”

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi: "I was shocked to see last night's attack on the US Congress, the stronghold of world democracy, and I strongly condemn it.

"Since its independence, America, our great and true friend, has been a beacon of democracy, and stood for the values of freedom, justice and independence.

"I am sure that the American people and their elected representatives will know how to fend off this attack and will continue to defend the values on which the United States was founded."

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid: “I’m deeply saddened and shocked by the images from the United States.

"My thoughts are with all my friends in Washington tonight. We hope to see order restored and the transition of power completed. America needs to go back to being a role model for democracies across the world.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz: "As a strong believer in democracy, I was saddened by last night's violence at the Capitol - a symbol of democratic tradition that has been an inspiration to countries everywhere."

"These events are a reminder to every leader of the moral obligation to stand up for democracy when it is under attack. And a reminder to every citizen of the importance of finding what is common, so that we can unite around the shared goal of protecting the values that are the cornerstone of our society: respect for the rule of law, for the democratic process, and for one another.

"I know that the democratic foundations of America and the resilience of its people are stronger than any one moment of trial. And that we will continue to draw inspiration from its strength, as its democracy will surely prevail."