Sa'ar: Netanyahu has completely failed

New Hope leader says prime minister who "failed" in fight against COVID-19 will "not be able to fix this."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Flash 90

New Hope party chairman Gideon Sa'ar issued a statement Wednesday night condemning Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the coronavirus crisis ahead of the implementation of a stricter lockdown tomorrow night.

“Citizens of Israel, on the eve of yet another lockdown, the truth must be told – we should not have ended up in this lockdown. The citizens of Israel, and the economy of Israel, paid a heavy price so that we wouldn’t end up in this lockdown. There are entire industries that have not yet re-opened since the second closure, and hundreds of thousands of citizens who have not yet returned to work," Sa'ar said.

“The State of Israel has the tools which could have prevented this closure. But the Government of Israel has disappointed. Netanyahu has completely failed in both leadership and management," he declared. "The economy is collapsing. The academic year has been decimated. Tens of thousands of businesses have shuttered. The trust of the public has been lost. And today – the citizens of Israel stand to pay the heavy price for the failures of the Government."

“The Government refused to conduct nationwide testing, as I had proposed, and to bring down the morbidity rate via methods far less fatal to the economy and society than lockdowns. They did not advance effective enforcement against large gatherings. They did transfer powers to the local authorities. They did not halt the import of the virus from abroad, with testing arrivals at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Sa'ar even criticized the government's handling of the distribution of coronavirus vaccines. “Netanyahu likes to pat himself on the back for bringing the vaccines, but these vaccines – funded by Israeli citizens – are being given out without order, and with dubious arrangements, and not according to the set criteria. The denial thus far, of the vaccinations for teaching staff is outrageous, and must be undertaken immediately - to allow a safe return to school as soon as possible."

“The lockdown is a fact. And I call on the citizens of Israel to act in accordance with the binding guidelines. The Government of Israel must equally enforce the closure across the entire population, and in all parts of the country. Netanyahu is trying to paint a rosy picture, but the truth is that Israel is entering a difficult period. The spread of the virus will yet increase, before the situation improves.

“To my sorrow, we will see many more lives lost. Each and every one – an entire world lost. The economic situation is severe, and will become even more so. The damage caused to this academic and scholastic year, and the gaps that have been created – will require hard work to repair.

”One thing is clear: he who failed will not be able to correct this," he declared.

“My promise to you: If you give us your trust – we will re-grow the economy, We will immediately pass the 2021 Budget, along with the necessary reforms to bring down the cost of living, and to restart growth. We will return half a million Israelis back to work, and we will create a quarter of a million new jobs.

“We will turn disappointment into hope, We are here in order to give a New Hope for Israel.” Sa'ar concluded.