After 9 Months Of Isolation, He Almost Made It To The End

As news of the vaccine came into the news, Rabbi Tzvi Wallis and his wife Rochel could feel something: Hope.

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Rabbi Tzvi Wallis
Rabbi Tzvi Wallis
צילום: ועד הרבנים

As news of the release of the vaccine came into the news, Rabbi Tzvi Wallis and his wife Mrs. Rochel Wallis could feel something they had not felt in a while: Hope. After 9 months of isolating, not even having their own married children over for meals, it seemed the end of the pandemic was at their fingertips.

Rabbi Wallis had stayed home since March, leaving only for emergencies, due to his various health issues. Wallis had 9 children, and was a beloved teacher in Eitz Chaim Yeshiva. Knowing how careful he was, how he clung to life and to his own future, makes it all the more tragic that this past month, he contracted COVID. No one in the family is sure how it could be possible, as he did not interact maskless with anyone, and avoided crowds at all costs. After just one week of illness, Rabbi Tzvi Wallis passed away, leaving his family in a state of shock. They got up from the 7-day mourning period last week.

Unable to take the proper time to heal, Mrs. Wallis must now think of finances: Their family lived paycheck to paycheck, and now that Rabbi Wallis is no longer alive, they have means of support. This is made even more painful by the fact that their son Shmuel is engaged to be married in a month. In the light of their family tragedy, and their destitute financial situation, Shmuel’s wedding now seems an impossibility.

Donations are being urgently collected for the Wallises via their Chesed Fund page.