Senior Hasidic leader calls on followers to get vaccinated

Biala Rebbe Rabbi Ben-Zion Rabinowicz instructs Hasidim to receive COVID vaccine.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine

A senior Hasidic leader has called on the public to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, saying that it is “obligatory” to receive the vaccine.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Rabinowicz, the Rebbe of the Biala Hasidic dynasty, wrote in a piece published by multiple haredi newsletters urging his followers, and the public at large, to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Without a doubt, everyone is obligated under Halacha to be vaccinated,” Rabbi Rabinowicz wrote.

“You see that this pandemic is more dangerous than most other diseases and has killed many people here in the Holy Land and abroad.”

The rabbi claimed that there is no risk from receiving the vaccine, saying: “Not only is there no risk from the vaccine, in fact there is a great commandment of guarding your lives very carefully, the Torah says ‘very’, meaning you have to make an effort and be careful to fulfill this commandment when saving lives is at issue!”

“But, God-forbid, don’t become lax – continue to adhere to health services’ warnings, as I’ve asked in the past to adhere to them.”

Leaders of the Karlin-Stolin Hasidic movement released a similar letter Sunday night, calling on everyone – even people who had been infected with and recovered from the coronavirus – to get vaccinated.