Gideon Sa'ar: I will not agree to a rotation with Netanyahu

New Hope party chairman clarifies he will not be a part of a government led by Netanyahu, says partnership with Meretz is unlikely.

Elad Benari ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar

Gideon Sa’ar, chairman of the New Hope party, said in an interview with Channel 12 News on Sunday that he would not, under any circumstances, agree to be part of a government headed by Binyamin Netanyahu.

"I will not agree to a rotation with Netanyahu either. I am known as a person who keeps his word - there will be no change in my position," he added.

"I think Netanyahu should be replaced. I believe the public is ready to replace Netanyahu, I am presenting my candidacy as an alternative to Netanyahu, and in a democratic regime, it is illegitimate in my eyes to crawl into a government that you explained a minute earlier why it harms the country. There will be no rotation, in any shape or form,” clarified Sa’ar.

Sa’ar also commented on polls which predict it would be difficult for him to form a government without the left and the Meretz party. "The polls change from week to week. I do not rule out any Zionist party that sees a Jewish and democratic state as the founding arrangement of Israel. Regarding sitting with Meretz, it does not seem reasonable to me because of the differences in worldview, it is difficult for me to see this happening."

He criticized the government’s decision to tighten the lockdown while shutting down the education system. "This is a delusional and insane decision of a government that changes its policy every two or three days. There are tools that can be used to hold classes: Vaccinate teaching staff and test the students - it is possible to continue the routine of school education but we have a government that is interested in anything except for doing something."