Police use water cannons on peaceful protesters, children

Police videotaped using water cannons without provocation during protest over death of Ahuvya Sandak.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

police use water canon on children
police use water canon on children
צילום: שילת בן נעים

Police used water cannons against demonstrators without provocation during a protest over the death of Ahuvya Sandak Saturday night.

Video from the demonstration shows police using the water cannons on minors who had done nothing.

"I could not believe what I saw there," said one of the demonstrators to Arutz Sheva. "Until yesterday, I was sure that the water canons were intended to disperse violent demonstrations or clear roadblocks."

"But yesterday," she said, "when we stood in a place that was pre-designated and approved for demonstration by the Israeli police, the water cannons (which were driving on the main road) repeatedly sprayed right in our direction and in the direction of the public standing in the demonstration, for no justifiable reason. It all happened in the middle of the demonstration while the speakers were still on stage."

She added: "With my own eyes I saw how small children, teenagers and whole families got sprayed for no reason when they had done nothing wrong."

The Israel Police responded: "By virtue of its role, the police work to maintain public order at all times and in all places, while maintaining freedom of protest as long as it is lawful. In places where the police detect blockages of major arteries in violation of the law without any prior coordination with the police, the police work to restore public order in the place and allow normal fabric of life for the general public. To the extent that the demonstrators use violence or refuse to obey the police's instructions and even attack them - the police use the means at their disposal to maintain law and order, all in accordance with law and procedures."

"In recent days, police forces have been dealing with violent protests involving hundreds of protesters, most of them rioting while attacking police and civilians, throwing stones, damaging road infrastructure and damaging police vehicles and more. No one is allowed to disturb the order, and certainly not to resort to violence and unbridled rioting, and the police will continue to act as necessary to maintain order and public peace and security," said the Israel Police.