Sa'ar presents plan to reform the judiciary

New Hope chairman chides Netanyahu for failing to pursue judicial reform for years, calls for splitting powers of attorney general.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

New Hope party chairman Gideon Sa'ar released a video Sunday morning in which he detailed the judicial reforms he is seeking.

"During the 15 years of his rule, Netanyahu neglected the justice system and did not carry out a single reform within it. I have dealt with this all these years and passed important laws on the subject," he began.

He said, "Our legal system needs to be repaired but not destroyed. Personal legislation such as the French law or immunity laws are both wrong and distract from what really needs to be done."

"The role of the Attorney General must be split and the prosecution powers transferred to the State Attorney," Sa'ar declared. "Not only because of the extreme concentration of powers. The situation where the same person who advises the prime minister and ministers on policy matters is also the one who recommends them to be investigated and prosecuted is illogical and tainted by a built-in conflict of interest."

"The prosecution should be independent, but as with any authority, it must have effective oversight. The Public Complaints Commission on the State Attorney's Office should be given teeth. It should be a separate, independent body with investigative powers and its recommendations should be binding," he added.

Addressing the court system itself, Sa;ar said that "the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court should not be conducted behind closed doors. We will pass my bill to hold a public hearing for candidates for the Supreme Court. These and other moves will strengthen the law enforcement system and the public's trust in it. There's a lot to do, and we will do it."