Pollard on entering politics: I've suffered enough

Former spy responds to report political parties want him to join them as an MK.

Gary Willig ,

The Pollards and Netanyahu
The Pollards and Netanyahu
Photo: GPO

Jonathan Pollard responded for the first time on Thursday to reports that he may enter Israeli politics after he and his wife Esther fulfilled their lifelong dream of moving to Israel yesterday.

Pollard's response was an unequivocal "no." When a friend told him about the reports, responded: "I've suffered enough," Yisrael Hayom reported.

When he and his wife got off the plane which brought them to Israel Wednesday morning, Pollard said that they would seek to become "productive citizens" of Israel.

Pollard served 30 years of a life sentence for spying for Israel, an unusually harsh sentence for the crime of spying for an allied country. He was released on parole in 2015 under extremely restrictive conditions. Last month, the US Parole Commission issued a certificate terminating parole and the restrictions that were imposed on him. As a result, Pollard was finally free to come to Israel.