Netanyahu or another election? Sa'ar has no answer

New Hope chairman has difficulty in answering question of how he would behave if once again there is no clear decision in the election.

Elad Benari ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Gideon Sa’ar was asked in an interview with Channel 13 News on Sunday about a situation in which once again there will not be a clear winner in the election. In such a situation, he was asked whether he would not enter a government headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, thus causing Israel to go to a fifth election.

Sa’ar evaded the question and replied, "It's time to realize that the current Prime Minister has a lot of rights, but a person who was fit to lead in 1996 is not fit to lead 25 years later. Even the greatest leaders in the world, their day comes to pass the baton."

"I expect the Prime Minister to place the good of the country ahead of his personal interest. I am optimistic about the possibility of achieving a clear winner," he added.

The Likud said in response, "Sa’ar has difficulty defending his inexperience and his zero achievements and continues to give interviews that say nothing. Gideon only knows how to complain while Prime Minister Netanyahu brings millions of vaccines to make Israel one of the first countries in the world to emerge from the coronavirus and open the economy."

"Gideon cannot form a government without Lapid and the left. Only the Likud can form a full-fledged right-wing government," the Likud added.

Sa’ar later responded to the criticism that was leveled at him following the Channel 13 News interview.

"I have clarified more than once what I have been saying since I set out on my path: the good of the state requires that Netanyahu be replaced. I intend to replace Netanyahu and believe that the public will give me their trust. In no scenario will I sit in the government headed by him, because the continuation of his tenure goes against the good of the state and I will not compromise on that,” Sa’ar wrote on Twitter.