MK Miki Haimovich leaving Blue and White

Gantz meets Haimovich and informs her that she will not be part of the Blue and White slate in upcoming election.

Hezki Baruch ,

Miki Haimovich
Miki Haimovich

Blue and White chairman and Defense Minister Benny Gantz met on Sunday with MK Miki Haimovich and the two agreed that she would not be included in the Blue and White slate in the upcoming elections.

"Gantz wished Haimovich success in her future endeavors," Blue and White said.

Haimovich issued a statement in which she wrote, "I met with Benny Gantz today, and we agreed on the end of our common political journey, and on the fact that I will not run on the Blue and White list for the upcoming Knesset. It's a decision I'm at peace with."

"I feel great relief over my vote, which led to the dissolution of the Knesset. Even in those days, the ideological gaps between my path and my conscience and the way Gantz went deepened until they became unbridgeable, and I assumed I would not run on the list in the next election," Haimovich added.

"I have a clear conscience and I am proud of the way I voted to prevent Netanyahu from wasting time and gaining more time in his post, after half a year of running the country with only his personal and political interests in mind. I thank Gantz for the partnership and trust, and thank him for the privilege of chairing the Interior Affairs Committee and the Environmental Protection Committee in the Knesset. I wish him success in his future endeavors," she added.

Earlier, Gantz also met with MK Assaf Zamir and conveyed a similar message to him. It is believed that Zamir plans to run for mayor of Tel Aviv after the current mayor, Ron Huldai, resigns so he can run for the Knesset.

Zamir previously served as Huldai's deputy in the Tel Aviv municipality, and after losing to Huldai in the 2018 elections, he resigned from the municipality and joined Blue and White.

When Blue and White joined the government, Zamir was appointed Minister of Tourism, and served in that position for about five months until his resignation from the government last October.

On Sunday morning, in an interview with Reshet Bet radio, Zamir challenged Gantz's leadership in Blue and White and argued that it is time to ask who the right person is to lead the party.

"I think we are at a point in time where we will have to examine which of the alternatives has the highest chances and we will go behind him," he said.

In answer to the question “Is Benny Gantz not the man?” Zamir replied, "When I look at the political situation at the moment, I think that at this round, at this point, I’m not sure that’s the case.”

Gantz is reportedly mulling his next steps regarding the upcoming elections, and is reportedly to make an official decision in the coming days.

Senior members of Blue and White said on Saturday they respect Gantz and would wait a few more days for his decision but, they added, "If Gantz does not lead a significant change, the party will not survive."