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Modest Fashion Trends For Israelis To Embrace In 2021

If you speak to most Israelis about fashion, they will chew your ear off about the modern Western styles available.

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Fashion show catwalk
Fashion show catwalk

If you speak to most Israelis about fashion, they will chew your ear off about the modern Western styles available. There are tons of fashion trends from around the world that are perfectly appropriate to Israel’s climate. However, if you come into the conversation hoping to find modest fashion, they will quickly disabuse you of that notion.

In modern human history, a lot of fashion evolution has been focused on finding new ways to tastefully expose the beauty of the wearer’s body. Unfortunately, if you follow the Jewish modesty laws, these trends conflict with your privacy rights.

This used to bug me a lot. As a religious millennial, I have always wanted to embrace fashion. Many Israelis exploit the modern styles, after all, and it is tough not to feel left out of an entire industry. The good news for people like me is that there are fashions available that are modern, chic, and modest.

Here are some modest fashion trends for religious Israelis to embrace in 2021.


Anyone living in Israel knows the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. The summer sun destroys one’s outdoor experience without shades that make it possible to stop squinting. And this provides a great opportunity for fashion.

The best fashion makes statements in subtle ways. By looking through the best sunglasses online, you can find the perfect statement piece. You can express your personality in the shape, frame color, and lens color.

You can find some great shades at GlassesUSA.com. This is the perfect way to embrace fashion while maintaining your modesty.


Another subtle fashion piece that is perfect for the modest Israeli is footwear. Shoes are any girl’s best friend, and you can ask my crowded closet for confirmation. While the well-loved Israeli sandals are practical, few would contend they are fashionable. But the world is your oyster, as shopping for shoes is the perfect means of modest expression.

As with sunglasses, they are not exposing any immodest part of your body. You have an opportunity for a statement in the type of shoe, the color, the materials, and more. In a sense, shoes are both a basic human right and a luxury. You need them anyway, so why not use them to show off your taste?


Earrings are both one of the most common fashion accessories and one of the most overlooked. While young girls are excited to get their ears pierced, many women “grow out” of that phase and simply wear a simple stud. However, you can express a lot with your earrings.

Wear earrings that pop and show your taste levels with cute patterns and subtle luxury. If you are from another country, get earrings that represent some aspect of your other home. This can be the colors of the flag or a traditional design that reflects the culture there.

Fashion does not have to be immodest. By focusing on accessories and statement pieces, you can express your personality without showing any more skin than you have to.