Watch: The late Ahuvya Sandak tells about 'Acts of Light'

Years ago, the late Ahuvya Sandak filmed program telling of his 'Acts of Light' project to distribute food to soldiers with his friends.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ahuvya Sandak on Arutz Meir
Ahuvya Sandak on Arutz Meir
Arutz Meir

(Hebrew video)

A few years ago, the late Ahuvya Sandak participated in a program on the Meir children's channel together with his friends and told about the 'Acts of Light' project in which they distributed hot soups and food to IDF soldiers.

Ahuvya, who was killed this week in the vehicle overturning disaster in Binyamin during a police chase, grew up in the town of Bat Ayin. He, along with friends, spoke about how they would walk among soldiers and hand them soups and burgers.

Meanwhile, National Union Chairman Knesset Member Betzalel Smotrich today attacked Police Investigations Division (PID) head Keren Ben Menachem, who released without questioning the police officers involved in the fatal police chase in which Sandak was killed.

"Until this moment, the police officers who were involved in causing the late Ahuvya's death have not been questioned by PID," Smotrich wrote.

"They came to Police Investigations accompanied by lawyers, but PID head Keren Bar Menachem released them without questioning on the ridiculous claim that the four boys did not file a complaint (many complaints were filed with DIP, including by me)," he added.

"The injured boys were questioned only yesterday, in stark contrast to procedure that requires investigation and collection of evidence within 24 hours of the incident," he wrote.

The conduct of the investigation raises the fear of "whitewashing the investigation," Smotrich said. "The police officers involved submitted the incident reports five hours late. These reports are authentic...," he wrote. "We won't let Police Investigations Division continue whitewashing the investigation."