Edelstein: The Likud is my home and I will not leave it

Health Minister stresses that he does not intend to leave the Likud like Ze'ev Elkin did.

Hezki Baruch ,

Yuli Edelstein
Yuli Edelstein
Flash 90

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein on Wednesday night commented on Minister Ze’ev Elkin's decision to leave the Likud and join Gideon Sa’ar’s new party.

Edelstein rejected rumors that he may take a similar step.

"These days I am exclusively engaged in the fight towards the vaccination of all Israeli citizens and their health in general,” he said.

"The Likud is an ideological and rooted right-wing party. The Likud is my home and I will not leave it. I have great, dedicated and amazing friends in the Likud who elected me to the top spot in the primaries. I love them and am staying with them and the entire movement. We will win together and lead the next government," said Edelstein.

In a statement earlier on Wednesday, Elkin blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and accused him of putting his personal interests ahead of the interests of the state of Israel.

“I have seen how, for Netanyahu, his personal interests override those of the nation,” Elkin accused. “We are heading to elections solely because you want to be the one appointing the state attorney so that you can influence the outcome of your own trial.”

Elkin also accused Netanyahu of effectively destroying his own party in an attempt to be its supreme and unquestioned leader. “You instilled fear into the party, fear of expressing criticism – you wanted to rule like a despot. I have no doubt that Likud members will now be running to the broadcasting studios to denounce me in the strongest terms – but behind closed doors, they say the exact same things about you as I am saying now.”

“In such a situation, I can no longer tell the citizens of Israel to vote for you, and I can no longer serve as a minister in your government,” said Elkin.