Bennett declares run for prime minister

Yamina Chair makes first statement since elections announced, addressing the coming political challenges.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arutz Sheva

Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett announced Wednesday evening that he intends to run for prime minister.

"At the end of March, at the height of the first wave, I submitted a plan to Netanyahu to fight the coronavirus without paralyzing the economy so that we would not have to impose lockdowns all the time. Netanyahu chose to shelve the plan, his motives with him and we were dragged into the lockdown concept," Bennett said.

"Netanyahu has many merits, but in the moment of truth when we needed him most, he was simply not there. We must thank him for his years of service, but we must move on. This is also not the time for more parties to rise just to say 'who is not' instead instead of charting a path of 'what is.'"

Announcing he intended to run for PM, he said his government would focus on "gaining control over Covid, rebuilding livelihoods, and uniting the nation."

"I will invite to the government all the parties that support a Jewish and democratic State of Israel, that are ready to set aside for a moment the disagreements, to get Israel out of the mud."