France: Three police officers shot dead, one wounded

French prosecutors say four police officers have been shot in central France, with three confirmed dead and a fourth wounded.

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French police officer
French police officer

A group of police officers in central France were gunned down early Wednesday morning, according to French prosecutors.

A report released by AFP Wednesday cited prosecutors who said that three officers were killed and a fourth wounded in a shooting in a town near Saint-Just in the Puy-de-Dôme region of central France.

Initial reports say the incident began late Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday morning.

The officers were reportedly responding to a domestic abuse incident, and were attempting to rescue a woman who had run up to the roof of a house.

At that point, shortly after midnight, a 48-year-old man opened fire on the officers, killing three and wounding one.

During the incident, the gunman set his house on fire.