MK Osnat Mark refuses to apologize for language used against MK Michal Shir

"There is no one more treacherous than she - she's welcome to leave, after playing this stinking trick."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Michal Shir
MK Michal Shir
Adina Walman, Knesset spokesperson

Speaking on Radio 103FM on Tuesday morning, MK Osnat Mark of the Likud party showed no regret at having called (former) Likud MK Michal Shir a “bitch” following Shir’s decision to break ranks with her party at last night’s Knesset vote. Shir later announced that she was leaving the Likud and would be joining Gideon Sa’ar’s party, New Hope. Her vote, along with those of several others in the coalition, led to a motion that might have averted elections being defeated.

“Yesterday we saw the farce that is the Blue & White party played out,” Mark said. “It was simply an embarrassment to see how the Blue & White party showed the country what really matters to them. It was already quite clear that Netanyahu fully intended to honor the rotation agreement, and what Avi Nissenkorn did to Benny Gantz was political assassination. It also showed up how unfit Gantz is to lead the country. What Haskel and Shir did, however, was atrocious. I told Shir that she’s a bitch, and I will not apologize for my words. There is no one as treacherous as she.”

Mark added that Shir had not only betrayed her party but also those who voted for the Likud. “She was voted into power and what does she decide – to leave? So let her go, no problem – let her copy Gideon Sa’ar, give up her seat and go off and do whatever she wants. This stinking trick is simply abominable, and now everyone knows what kind of treacherous person Michal Shir is.”

Shir’s announcement that she would be leaving the Likud party was made on Twitter, following the Knesset vote in which she opposed her party’s position. “My conscience is clear,” she wrote. “I have now done the least I can to end the mess of this stuck government that is holding the entire country hostage for political reasons. This is why I am resigning my Knesset seat and will be joining ‘New Hope,’ under the leadership of Gideon Sa’ar.”

Shir faced the condemnation of her former party colleagues who called out, “Shame on you,” and “You’re betraying your voters,” in the Knesset last night. For the first two of the three Knesset votes on the bill, that would have given the government an additional grace period to pass the budgets for 2020 and 2021 and possibly avert elections, Shir was absent, pleading poor health. Only during the third vote did she appear in the plenum and cast her vote “against.” Her seat will be filled by Shevach Stern, a staunch Netanyahu loyalist.