Gantz: 'Netanyahu's busy with legal case, not with public welfare'

Blue and White Chairman Minister Benny Gantz goes on offensive against Likud and PM: 'Either we keep rule of law, or we go to elections.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Flash 90

Blue and White Chairman Minister Benny Gantz posted a message on his Facebook account tonight in response to the Prime Minister's accusations of his party leading to elections.

"In recent days, dozens of rumors and blatant lies have been spread. They said we compromised, we agreed, we sold out democracy, we cowed. Lies and inventions. As I said, as I promised, it was either an orderly budget, a functioning government, and maintaining the rule of law and the Justice Ministry, or elections," Gantz wrote.

He said, "Blue and White entered the government to serve the good of the country in light of the greatness and need of the hour, under very heavy political cost, but unfortunately we did not find partners for it. We entered united from the same values ​​and unfortunately we seem headed to elections on the basis of the same values, without a partner, without agreements for the good of the State."

"I'm sorry that the Prime Minister is preoccupied with his legal case and not with the public interest and is willing to drag the whole country into a period of uncertainty instead of ensuring economic stability and recovery. If the Likud does not meet our demands, we will go to the polls with our heads held high, we will put Israel first and the electorate can decide," Gantz added.

He concluded by saying, "I was not afraid to do the right thing a few months ago, and I am not afraid to do the right thing now because Israel is more important to me than anything else. Either we keep the rule of law, pass a budget, and ensure the functioning of the State and government, or the public will decide in the election."

Earlier, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement attacking Blue and White.

"We worked very hard to prevent unnecessary elections. We reached agreements with Blue and White and I think they were good and promising. They would have allowed us to avoid these elections. Unfortunately, due to internal pressure in his party, Benny Gantz decided to renege, dragging the country into unnecessary elections in the midst of the coronavirus crisis," Netanyahu accused.

He said, "The insistence here is to allow Nissenkorn to make a legal bureaucratic revolution, something we cannot allow. It is impossible to let Leftist elements crush our democracy.

"It's sad. Instead of allowing a government that works harmoniously for the sake of its citizens, there's an insistence on having a government within a government. We do not want elections, so we were prepared to vote in favor of a law preventing them today. But if elections are forced on us, we will win because everyone is aware of our achievements," the Prime Minister concluded.