Iranian hackers: We breached Israel Aerospace Industries' system

'Tonight is the longest night for Israel Aerospace Industries', says Iranian hacker group, hinting at breach of defense giant's systems.

David Rosenberg ,

Image tweeted by Pay2Key of businesses targeted by hackers
Image tweeted by Pay2Key of businesses targeted by hackers

An Iranian hacker group has claimed it managed to breach the computer network of one of Israel’s largest military manufacturers Sunday.

In a tweet Sunday night, the hacker group Pay2Key wrote: “Knock Knock! Tonight is longer than longest night for ILAerospaceIAI.”

The tweet included an image with the logos of several companies, including Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

IAI is owned by the Israeli government, and manufactures military aircraft, drones, and missiles for the IDF and foreign militaries, along with civilian aircraft, avionics systems, and space-based systems.

The Iranian-linked hacker group claims to have stolen information regarding IAI employees, projects, and research.

The alleged breach comes after hackers launched a cyber-attack on the Israeli Shirbit insurance company.

Following the refusal of the "Shirbit" insurance company to pay the almost $1 million ransom demanded by hackers in return for a promise not to release stolen customer data, the hackers have published documents including personal information belonging to clients, as well as photographs of company employees.