Israeli businesses participate in Dubai business forum

"Who would have imagined a year ago that this year, we'd be celebrating Hanukkah in Dubai?"

Yehonatan Gottlieb, Dubai ,

Marom Weizman
Marom Weizman
Yehonatan Gottlieb

Dozens of businessmen, real estate entrepreneurs from Israel, France, Georgia, and other countries, along with rabbis and public figures, arrived in Dubai on Monday for the Israel-Dubai conference initiated by the Isra-Dubai company headed by Israeli-French businessman Haim Weizman and Weizman Properties.

The conference hosted professional business forums alongside a Hanukkah celebration in a traditional Jewish atmosphere. As an act of appreciation for the friendship that is being forged between the peoples of Israel and Dubai, senior rabbis along with other conference participants attended a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony near the famous Burj Khalifa tower.

"We are now in the days of Hanukkah, days of miracles that commemorate the strength of the Jewish people," Weizman said. "Last year, no one could have imagined that this year we would be celebrating Hanukkah in Dubai with our new friends from the Emirates. Along with the social ties, I am also building close business ties that will open up many and varied opportunities for Israeli citizens and businessmen from other countries."

Marom Weizman, VP of Business Development with Isra-Dubai said, "Our two main goals are to promote our real estate project in Dubai by providing potential customers with all the [knowledge] required to invest abroad ... and to connect potential investors in the Emirates with Israeli companies, especially in the field of healthcare."