Blue and White MK Tehila Friedman: 'May G-d avenge unity government's blood'

Blue and White MK Tehila Friedman knows the last thing Israelis need is election campaign, but in her opinion there's no other possibility.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Tehila Friedman
MK Tehila Friedman
Arutz Sheva

Blue and White MK Tehila Friedman explains in an interview with Arutz Sheva why she supports the dissolution of the Knesset, despite the chance that she will leave the Knesset and will not be able to be elected again.

"The law to dissolve the Knesset includes three things, a date for elections, a reduction in party funding, and transparency in propaganda on social networks," she said. "All the factions are in agreement, except for the Likud faction, which is sitting on the fence in order not to reduce the parties' funding and allow everyone to spend huge sums for the fourth time in two years and prevent transparency on social media."

According to her, there are no negotiations between Blue and White and the Likud that will prevent the election. "There are no negotiations. The options are clear. Either they go to the polls or there will be a budget."

MK Friedman estimates that we are going to elections, "I was very happy for a functioning government and especially a budget for the State of Israel. The last thing the State of Israel needs is an election. But when they are not willing to transfer a budget and they carry out an attack in the days of this great crisis, there is no choice."

To the claim that Blue and White is operating as an opposition within the government, Friedman replied: "Which government? The unity government? May G-d avenge its blood. The unity government was established with an agreement regarding a biennial budget, government regulations, and rotation. The Likud is not willing to do any of these things. I hope the Israeli public understands this."