The Revolution of Video Conferencing in 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in remote working it has brought to 2020

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 Revolution of Video
Revolution of Video
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The Revolution of Video Conferencing in 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in remote working it has brought to 2020, video conferencing tools have become an essential for businesses everywhere.

While many thought that this period of remote working was simply a temporary measure to help tackle the spread of COVID-19, data shows that, many of the employed actually want to work from home, an Eskenzi report suggesting that 91% of UK office workers would like to work from home at least on a part time basis.

As data suggests, the popularity remote working could be here to stay, potentially well beyond the pandemic, and alongside this the video conferencing tools necessary to operate in this way.

With such a popular tool now having become a must for the foreseeable future, here we explore some of the top services in video conferencing for 2020:


Whereby is a video conferencing service offering a number of fantastic features. Whereby provides one of the easiest ways to meet via video chat, with no required apps or installs.

The service was built in Norway by “privacy-friendly Europeans”, and hold an impressive list of happy customers, including the likes of Shopify, Trello and Mindful Chef.

Users simply have to choose a personalized URL, using their internet browser to meet others. Whereby offers screen sharing options, perfect for virtual meetings, with rooms able to hold up to 50 people in them.

Through the video chat service, you can also customize the background of your meeting rooms, helping to really project your brand, record calls and join from any Android or iOS mobile device.

Steamed Egg

Steamed Egg is a team building and events company. Based in London, Steamed Egg offer unique team building packages and events with a VR twist. However, given COVID-19 and the social distancing measures put in place throughout the year, the company have now adapted to also provide remote team games, fantastic for team building and alternative Christmas parties.

Steamed Egg have recently created Yolking From Home, claiming that “A whopping 54% of remote workers feel disconnected from their company! We believe laughter is the best medicine to cure your team’s lock down blues! It’s proven to strengthen relationships and reinforces a team’s sense of community.”

Yolking From Home is an online team building event, fully hosted and operated through video call. Yolking From Home can be done with teams of up to 150, the host of the event challenging how well team members know one another and their communication and collaboration skills.

Through Yolking From Home, Steamed Egg have shown another fantastic use of video conferencing, not only helping team members collaborate while at work, but also helping them to bond and have fun in their down-time, strengthening the connection employees feel to both their company and their team