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Israeli SnatchApp by Avi and Henri Benezra takes on Zoom

Israeli brothers Avi and Henri Benezra have peaked in success with their new application Snatch App.

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Israeli brothers Avi and Henri Benezra have peaked in success with their new application Snatch App. The entrepreneurs behind the company SnatchBot have created the user-friendly app for both professional and personal use.

In a short period of time it has received an average review rating 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play, with over 2,000 reviews that are very positive. This means that it has officially beaten other apps such as Zoom, which is marked 3.6 out of 5 on Google Play and has more negative reviews from over 1 million people.

Avi Benezra has stated, “We don’t compare our successes to other businesses, but we are proud of our achievements in a short period of time.”

What features does Snatch App have?

Snatch App certainly stands out in comparison to other apps, with the cool and useful features that can’t really be found elsewhere. Both Henri and Avi Benezra have over 20 years of experience in the Artificial Intelligence technology field, which is why they have perfected the most impressive and brilliant version of Snatch App.

The app itself is constantly being updated, so that it is free from any bugs, which is why customers have always had a good experience.

There are features that are suitable for both business and personal customers, such as File Sharing and Contact Integration. Users can safely share files between each other and even retrieve contacts from other accounts such as Google, Outlook and Yahoo. This is a fast process that is highly needed in order to stay on top form with the latest technologies out there.

Another cool feature that can be used on a personal level is the Voice Changer, which allows users to change the pitch of their voices when sending voice notes. Given the current situation of the global pandemic, it has affected many people’s mental health wellbeing, but having fun features such as the Voice Changer can lighten up their situations and make things fun when connecting with their loved ones.

It is also harder for people to stay intimate with each other, especially if a person in a relationship is stuck in a different country because of the current travel bans that are in place. However, with Snatch App they are able to send hidden messages and even put on a timer so that the messages can ‘self destruct’, thus leaving no trace of the messages to have existed and can even give the people the ultimate privacy that they need.

The app is most certainly useful for businesses, because it has a feature of free phone and video calling, even when you need to contact someone who lives in a different country. That means that business people no longer need to travel, but can have an important business meeting from their very own home or office. On top of that, the minutes that are used during the phone calls are not taken out of the user’s cellular data plan, but are only consumed through the internet connection.

Snatch App also has the feature Real Time Location, which allows users to integrate maps into conversations, so that they can tell other people where they are or even allow businesses to share office or shop locations that are open. This certain feature is not available on Zoom, which is another reason why Snatch App is currently in the lead in this type of market.

The security that Snatch App has

Henri and Avi Benezra have vowed that this app has high security measures and is safe for clients to use freely. This has proven to be true, because Snatch App has a security measure ensuring that phone calls and messages are protected with end-to-end encryption. Users are able to verify the security of the end-to-end encryption in order to be sure that they’re talking to the right person.

Avi Benezra has stated, “With the way we have set up Snatch App, we have ensured that users can feel safe and everything is strictly confidential. We cannot read messages that are being sent through this app, nor do we own any of the messages or media files.”

The encryption has a combination of 256-bit-symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and a secure key exchange for each conversation.

With the high security standards that it has, it has automatically helped this app climb to the top of app stores such as Google Play.

Snatch App has been designed to be compatible with both Android and IOS devices, as well as PCs so that it’s compatible for any situation or working environment. It is an app worth downloading, because it is part of the digital age technology that is much needed on both a professional and personal level in the world of digital communication.

Snatch App Web: https://snatchapp.me/en/

iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/app/snatch-app/id1225178149

Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Snatch App

Windows Desktop: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/Snatch App/9nblggh526j6?cid=msft_web_chart&rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab