Top Six Website Builders You Should Consider Using for your eCommerce Site

As 2020 comes to a close, thank goodness, one thing that has become abundantly clear to business owners of all varieties,

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מסחר בוול סטריט
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As 2020 comes to a close, thank goodness, one thing that has become abundantly clear to business owners of all varieties, and that is the indisputable fact that if your company, shop, restaurant, store or retail outlet of any type doesn’t have a fast, easy to use, technically advanced eCommerce led website, then you will be left in the dust by those who do.

The website building industry is well aware of this obvious need and as such a host, no pun intended, of providers are available to suit your company’s need, requirements and budget and below you’ll find the best of the bunch.


Well known as the cheapest option in terms of reliable website builders out there and the complete absence of transaction charges may well tempt you into signing up and they do offer a great deal above just being the least expensive option.

Though not specifically an eCommerce website builder, Squarespace does still have a very wide range of relevant tools available. One drawback is the relative lack of payment channels available.


A common comment, when it comes to the behemoth that is GoDaddy, is just how damn simple it is to use. The whole interface when it comes to either configuring an existing site or from starting from scratch, makes the whole process straightforward and painless, especially for those who are not all that technically proficient.

Now, those are the positives but when it comes to negative you could perhaps say that GoDaddy isn’t the ideal place to go when putting together an eCommerce site, in so much as it’s not their main niche, but overall what is available does make it workable for you to consider as an option.


Now, similarly to GoDaddy, Wix has in its favor the element of sheer ease of use but in many ways they offer more when it comes to the detailing and overall technical suite of options available they go that little bit further than their big competitors in the market.

Wix is ideal for first time eCommerce store creators and the regular discounts, online sales features and fresh modern templates also provide additional value.


Whereas some providers are easy to use and others are cheaper to get hold of, Volusion is a bit of both. Basically what is offered by this service is wide-ranging and very effective. The powerful tools in their suite are in many ways exactly what your eCommerce site needs but the interface isn’t all that easy to use.

If you are technically savvy and know exactly what you are doing, then Volusion may well be the provider for you, sadly that isn’t the case for all of us and that makes adapting to suit the platform tricky and a bit too time consuming.


Now, the big selling point Shopify has over some of their competitors is the fact that they are signally built to offer website builder needs specifically for eCommerce sites, it’s their USP and they do it very well indeed.

Their reporting features are very useful when it comes to compiling analytical data and their design options are plentiful but one particular downside is the fact that you’ll have to pay transaction fees for your users, unless of course you use their in-house Shopify Payments service.


In many ways the best in the business, trusted by the big boys in the retail sector, and that’s mainly due to the fact that if you have a developer on board to assist you with all the technical aspects relating to the coding and customization of your site, then Magento is the pick of the litter.

There is an almost inexhaustible supply of tools designed for you to make the most of every aspect of the customer journey as well as the analytical tools to best measure and segment accordingly.

The free model is top notch but the paid level option is certainly the ideal way to go for those with bigger budgets and a larger audience to serve.

What Now?

So now it’s up to you to find the best ecommerce website builders that will most adequately suit your needs. The sky is very much the limit when it comes to utilizing a great eCommerce builder to produce a website that best serves your current customer base but always keep an open mind as to the very possible need to scale-up as your audience increases. After all, the only way is up.