Help save Little Adi from unimaginable pain!

Child with cerebral palsy needs your help to receive a life-saving surgery.

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Source: Courtesy
Source: Courtesy
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Dear Friend ! יהודים רחמנים בני רחמנים

I am humiliated to ask you for help because I have never been used to it. Still, unfortunately, I have no other choice because my little daughter is in danger of death and needs costly emergency surgery to save her life.

My name is Sheeran, and I live in Jerusalem. And I am the mother of a 10-year-old girl who was injured and had epilepsy and aggressive cerebral palsy due to premature birth.

As she grows slowly, her body has stopped functioning properly, and the muscles are not properly receiving commands from the brain; thus, she has muscle cramps all over her body.

Every night she wakes up with cramps and screams and cries from terrible pains, as you can see in the sad video found on this campaign page.

She writhes in pain, cries, and begs me to help her stop this suffering.

I have no way to help her other than giving her strong painkillers with some limitation because of her slender body so that it only slightly relieves and does not help eradicate the pain.

She lies on the bed helpless because she can not move any organ in her body except the head and left hand. The prolonged lying causes pressure sores in her body it adds terrible suffering to the terrible muscle pain. Every few minutes, she asks us to turn her on her stomach, back, and sides.

We cry with her and are worried about her terrible pain, and we are in a daily fear that suddenly, God forbid, something can happen to the girl, and her little body will not be able to withstand the load of pain anguish.


My husband and I have been by her side non-stop day and night for all these years, feeding her and caring for her with love and devotion and trying to provide her with everything we can.

We need to transport her frequently in a special ambulance for expensive treatments, visits and consultations with specialist doctors, and frequent hospitalizations.

We see her effort to smile despite the difficulty, and her strong desire to live gives us strength not to despair and continue to fight for her life.

This situation has taken a heavy toll on us to this day; We cannot work and support the family properly because my husband and I are around our daughter 24/7, we can ot finish the month, many of our daughter's treatments are not included in the state health basket, and unfortunately, we have fallen into heavy debts because this lovely girl's life is more important to us!


To save her life, she urgently needs to undergo a complex operation performed only at the Children's Hospital in Boston.

The chances of the surgery's success are very high; it is the only option for the girl to recover and stop enduring these severe torments.

The surgeon's payment, the medical flight, and then stay for several months in the hospital's vicinity amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

We have nowhere to fund even a small portion of that amount and the time delay is very critical for her.

Please do not leave us alone! This girl is all my world! Please help me save her life!

I want to see her walk on her feet like any other girl, and I will see her grow up and be happy; I beg you to help this girl stop suffering already.

I thank you for your help and wish you and your loved ones, good health and happiness!

Sheeran Barda

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