Civil Administration destroys yeshiva in Homesh

Two weeks after yeshiva beit midrash was demolished, forces arrive to continue demolition. Rabbis and students arrested.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yeshiva student with a Torah scroll at Ariel police station
Yeshiva student with a Torah scroll at Ariel police station
Homesh yeshiva

Border forces, the Civil Administration and police today demolished the buildings of Yeshivat Homesh.

The forces arrived at the scene again, accompanied by a D9 tractor, disrupted the study routine and in addition arrested two of the yeshiva rabbis and a number of students.

The forces then demolished a number of yeshiva buildings on the site. Forces took detainees with the Torah scroll of the yeshiva to the police station in Ariel.

About two weeks ago, Border Police and Civil Administration forces arrived and destroyed the yeshiva's study hall. During the destruction, the forces destroyed the Holy Ark in the beit midrash and the beit midrash's holy books were thrown to the floor and desecrated.

Following the incident, Israel Chief Rabbi David Lau addressed Defense Minister Gantz: "pictures of a desecrated ark and holy books rolling on the floor are difficult sights unworthy of a Jewish State, and in no way should these sights be repeated.""

Lawyers from the Honenu legal aid organization are working to free them. "The harassment of the yeshiva students at Homesh is incomprehensible. This yeshiva has been in existence for over 15 years. Many ministers and MKs have come for support visits. Each with GSS security guards. The IDF and the police also accompanied them with great respect. So what happened now? Who gave such a surprising instruction now and why?", the organization wondered.