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Denzel Washington Likely To Make Fire Insurance Claim For LA Mansion

Sometimes Denzel Washington saves the day, sometimes he needs to be saved.

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House Fire
House Fire
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Sometimes Denzel Washington saves the day, sometimes he needs to be saved - the actor had fans worried when he recently made headlines.

With 2020 going the way it has, news about the Denzel Washington mansion in LA caused quite a stir.

After reports of smoke came in, the luxurious house in Hollywood was searched by fire crews.

The four-story mansion in Beverly Crest was seen smoking by a neighbor in the evening and 911 was called.

When the emergency responders arrived at the home, occupants already exited to avoid accidents or injury.

An hour after arriving, fire officials were still examining the walls of the home to make sure everything is alright.
One of the mansion’s many furnaces were recently serviced and the investigation closely looked at it.

According to the latest reports, the reason for the smoke is still being investigated and no one got hurt.

This came as a relief for fans and friends because fires can easily claim lives. An example of this is the body that was found after an old hillside home in Eagle Rock (source) was burnt badly.

The home collapsed during the firefighter’s attempt to save it and the body was only located later.

Fortunately, it seems the damage to Denzel’s home is not as serious. He is lucky his house isn’t completely gone like the 110-year-old house in Eagle Rock.

While nothing is certain yet, it is likely that Denzel will have to make a fire insurance claim. As a celeb, he has many valuable and expensive belongings that would cost a fortune to replace.

Tips For Fire Insurance Claims

Your home may not be as the fancy the Denzel Washington mansion in LA, but you still need to have fire insurance. If your house is as fancy, you have even more reason to require insurance.

House fires can be absolutely devastating and starting over when everything you owned is burnt to ashes takes a lot of courage.

It also takes a lot of money, and you’ll be relieved when you make a fire insurance claim and receive some well-needed financial support.

There are different ways that fires can ruin a home. The most obvious one is when fire eats everything. Another is when only part of the home is burnt but soot damages the rest of the area.

Your insurance claim will depend on what happened to your home.

Here are some tips for fire insurance claims you need to review when reporting a fire has ravaged your house to your agent.

Contact Your Insurer

Once the fire has been put out and everyone is safe, you need to look at the damage that has been done.

You have to contact your insurance company and put in your claim. You will be given a claim number. Keep it safe.

When adjusters arrive to examine the damage, you should accommodate them as best you can. This is a difficult time for you but the adjusters will help you get as much money as possible.

If you are given emergency funds, you can use it to pay for your accommodation if you can’t live in your home anymore. This money will be deducted from your final settlement so use it wisely.

Get Multiple Estimates

It is suggested that you get more than one estimate of how much it will cost to repair your home. Your insurance company will provide an initial estimate.

However, this could be too low if your local contractors are expensive. Get as many as you can to get the best end results.

It is possible to hire emergency restoration contractors to immediately start helping you repair your home.

You should keep all the receipts of purchases and services during this time. You need to carefully document everything.

Anything you pay while you and your family are recovering from this disaster should be covered by your insurance.

This doesn’t mean you can take a vacation and ask your insurer to cover the cost though. All expenses must be related to the fire damage.

Document everything as the process goes on. You should take photos and videos of all the damaged items. Keep a visual record of your home and all damaged property. This will help make your claim go faster and get resolved easier.

Make sure you have examined your entire home for damage. Soot and smoke damage can easily spread through the home and affect multiple areas.

Hire a Public Adjuster

If you have any problems or feel like the task is too much for you, consider hiring a public adjuster. If your insurer offers a very low payout or your claim gets rejected, you can also use a public adjuster to assist you.

They will work hard on your behalf to ensure that your claim goes smoothly and that you get the kind of compensation you deserve.

If you received a low payout, it is likely that an adjuster will help double the payout. You will have to pay the adjuster a small fee but in most cases, it’s absolutely worth it.