Flynn shares message calling for new election under martial law

Former National Security Advisor shares message calling for Trump to impose martial law to hold new election 'if Constitution not followed.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, whom Trump recently granted a pardon, on Wednesday shared on Twitter a message calling for Trump to impose martial law to hold a new election "if legislators, courts and the Congress do not follow the Constitution."

The message, from the Tea Party-affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC), invokes Lincoln's actions to save the Union during the Civil War in calling on Trump, "like Lincoln, to exercise the Extraordinary Powers of his office and declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections in order to have the military implement a national re-vote that reflects the true will of the people."

Tom Zawistowski, President of WTPC, explained in the release, "We wanted to express our concerns to the President, to the legislators, courts and Congress that We the People will NOT cede our exclusive Constitutional right to elect our Representatives to judges, lawyers, courts, Governors, Secretary’s of State, Congress, corrupt election officials and local politicians, the corrupt media - or Leftist threats of violence!"

"It is OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to elect our President and that sacred right has been infringed by the massive, planned, illegal election fraud conducted by corrupt Democrat/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote. We will NOT stand for it."

"Freedom never kneels except for God," Flynn commented.