Explosive Question & Answer session with Dr. Simone Gold

America's Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Simone Gold addresses Pastor Rob McCoy's congregation about 'scientific disinformation'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Frontline Doctors
Frontline Doctors

America's Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Simone Gold has worked for the U.S. Surgeon General and is a board-certified emergency medicine specialist.

"I want to talk to you about how important understanding what scientific disinformation is, and what it can do.

"Scientific disinformation is a very powerful political tool. I’m going to reference Nazism, not to be sensationalist, but because it's recent enough that it can be relatable, and some other examples are so distant, people not will not think they’re true, but only 80 years ago we can understand the truth of the Nazism.

"It is very underappreciated that the Nazis relied heavily upon science. The Kaiser William Institute for Human Genetics and Eugenics supplied the Nazis with the scientific support for sterilization, racial hygiene, brain biopsies - otherwise known as murder - of marginalized persons, those with epilepsy or learning disabilities or mental retardation - they did horrific twin studies, they had the Nuremberg Law which proved scientifically that there was a Jewish race.

"They used doctors and geneticists and psychiatrists and anthropologists to sterilize, annihilate, and euthanize millions in the name of public health.

"It so happens that the director of this Kaiser William Institute (KWI) was widely considered not to be political, and not to be anti-Semitic. He was typically described as just being enthusiastically about science. He himself was in fact a Nobel Prize winner.

"After the war, he defended himself by saying that science was apolitical, and therefore the all of the Nazi science must have just been ‘pseudoscience’. Conveniently, today's scientists agree, ‘yes, that must have been pseudoscience, but today, science is actually the truth.’

"But is that how it really happened?

"At the time of the Nazi science, Mengele corresponded with KWI in the very precise language of science and medicine. The publications themselves used scientific methodologies and speech, and 40 years later in a court case it was said that the scientific value of those experiments was not tainted by the fact they were carried out on murder victims. In other words, it sure looked, sounded, and smelled like real science to the people involved at the time, and it is revisionist history to later call it pseudoscience.

"I bring this up because this hyper-reliance on scientists, even those that are considered apolitical, is happening today during COVID-19. This may sound strange coming from a person who emphatically considers herself to be a scientist. I trained to be a physician at my father's knee. I accompanied him frequently to the hospitals, to the nursing homes, and in the evening he saw patients in our home, and my mother, who is also a full-time teacher, managed his practice."

"I graduated medical school when I was only 23. I believe in science. I have a lot of degrees. In most rooms I go to, more degrees than anybody else. And I'm going to say, with all of the initials listed after my name, with all of the diplomas I've earned, when a scientist tells you that science is in conflict with the truth according to G-d, tell the scientists to keep searching.

"True science has never, and never will fail to accord with Torah. Beliefs considered irrefutable, except for the fact that they were in conflict with the Bible, have always in the end given way. This is proven true over and over again. For example, centuries-old universally accepted practices of idolatry, human sacrifice, eugenics, and evolution have all given way to monotheism, sanctity of human life, and The Big Bang theory, which is as close to scientific proof of creation as science could ever deliver.

"So when the science does not accord with the Torah, as they are telling you now, tell the scientists to go back to the drawing board. When the propagandists fill you with fear, tell them you reject their words. Human freedom is in more jeopardy, in my opinion, than even 1940, because evil-doers’ most enduring weapon is propaganda, and unlike 1940, today propaganda has swept the entire globe."