Rabbi at Beit El Yeshiva: COVID denial is 'running from reality'

Rabbi Moshe Cohen: "Don't be a wise guy. There are people whose job it is to think about what needs to be done."

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Coronavirus ward, Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv
Coronavirus ward, Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv
Eitan Elhadez / TPS

Rabbi Moshe Cohen, a rabbi at the Beit El Yeshiva who became infected with coronavirus and fell seriously ill before recovering, told Arutz Sheva that those who belittle coronavirus to the point of denying its existence are "trying to run from reality."

"I was in the [coronavirus] ward with a healthy 35-year-old with no background illnesses who got to the point of respiration. Whoever says such things does so from ignorance. It's simply an attempt to run from reality. As far as I'm concerned, this is a definition of a fool who sees something and does not address it. I do not understand it. At the statistical level, if one percent die - one percent means that if a thousand are infected in a day, ten die. Unequivocally."

"I have a son who thought like this until I got infected with coronavirus and then he changed his mind. This is stupidity that has consequences - they are harming others. I talked to the medical staff and they said it is something that weakens them, and I think maybe harms their motivation. They told me that they manage to get people out healthy, but every few minutes more people come, so as long as [the treatment] is necessary, [the burden] is understandable, but they know that if people would take care it would be spared them. They work and people don't care."

"One nurse told me that on the bus she heard youths and one said there is no coronavirus, and she wanted to grab him by the ears and bring him to the ward - then he should go tell his friends. Coronavirus denial has a negative impact and very great damage. It gives many legitimacy to belittle. There are guidelines - don't be a wise guy, don't be smarter than everyone else. There are people whose job it is to think about what needs to be done and not every kid can give an opinion and determine that there is no coronavirus. What are they talking about? People are dying, and not necessarily just the elderly."