Yamina MK: Will Netanyahu agree to join Bennett's coalition?

As Yamina closes in on Likud in polls, party predicts Netanyahu's demise.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Matan Kahane
MK Matan Kahane
Hezki Baruch

MK Matan Kahane of the right-wing Yamina party told Arutz Sheva today that his party no longer intends to be a satellite party to the Likud, but is aiming to have the reverse come to pass.

Asked whether Yamina would agree to join a Netanyahu-led coalition in the future, Kahane responded that the real question was whether Netanyahu would agree to join a coalition led by Yamina party head Naftali Bennett.

“The Likud party is currently under a tremendous amount of pressure,” he noted, “and that’s obvious from its strategy with regard to Yamina – basically one of spreading rumors and fake news designed to weaken us.”

Recent polls have shown Yamina gaining in strength, primarily at the expense of Likud. Likud officials have dismissed the polls, claiming that Likud always shows its strength on election day and that advance polling generally exaggerates the strength of smaller parties.

Even in the Likud’s worst-case polling scenario, however, the party remains the largest in the Knesset. That did not prevent Kahane from asserting his party’s confidence and stating that, “Yamina is willing to form a government together with any other Zionist party that is prepared to set political differences aside for the time being in order to focus on the rehabilitation of the economy in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.”

As of this writing, the future of the unity government is doubtful, with 61 MKs expected to vote in favor of dissolving the Knesset, and just 54 opposed. The Arab Ra’am faction (a component of the Joint List) is at present planning to abstain, although it may yet fall in line with the rest of its party and vote in favor, propelling the country toward yet another round of elections.