Dream Raffle helps Israeli businesses - for the third time

Donations from the Am Yisrael Chai 'Dream Raffle' will help businesses affected by COVID-19. Read stories of those who recieved help.

Shmuel Sackett , | updated: 3:34 PM

Yitzchak Turk
Yitzchak Turk
Am Yisrael Chai

The 'Am Yisrael Chai Fund', will be holding their famous “Dream Raffle” for the 3rd year.

Donations will be directed towards helping businesses affected by Corona.

Read the story of a few Israeli businesses that they helped save.

Yitzchak Turk
Am Yisrael Chai

Yitzchak Turk - Owns a transportation company in Betar.

"My business built up nicely and I recently bought a new 20 seater van so I could serve even more tourists", Turk says, " and then came Corona. No tourists during Pesach, Lag Ba'Omer, over the summer and Sukkot - all times when I am usually very busy".

"I make payments on my vehicle every month plus insurance", he explains, "I was collapsing until Shmuel Sackett of The Dream Raffle helped keep me going. It was a gift from heaven."

Itamar Ba’avad
Am Yisrael Chai

Itamar Ba’avad - Owns a computer business in Peduel.

"A crazy thing happened to me during Corona", he says, "Because of Zoom, people needed to buy computers - which should have HELPED my business - but I run a small operation and did not have a large inventory".

"Orders were coming in", Ba'avad explains, "but I could not fill them. My suppliers were sending all the computers to the big computer stores in Israel and I was literally left with nothing. A grant from The Dream Raffle literally saved my business."

Abba Mishkin
Am Yisrael Chai

Abba Mishkin - A musician from Immanuel with his own band.

"I love my job because I get paid to make people happy and dance!", Mishkin says, "Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs and other special occasions are what I do"

"But for the last 9 months - nothing", he tells us, "Who hires a band today?"

"Just a few days ago I received a phone call from Shmuel Sackett", Mishkin says, "who told me that he had funds to distribute from The Dream Raffle to help me during this difficult period. I couldn't believe it! And then I realized what Hashem planned. I made others happy all these years so now it was time for people to make ME happy... and they did. Thank you Dream Raffle!"

Itamar Zarmati
Am Yisrael Chai

Itamar Zarmati - Owns a printing and promotional company in Jerusalem.

"We have close to 20 employees", he explains, "and all of them were in danger of losing their job. Our main clients are in Israel's cultural industry; the theatre, concerts, big public events etc... but all of these have been cancelled since February. Jobs were stopped in the middle and things have not been easy".

"Out of nowhere", Zarmati says, "I received a call from Shmuel Sackett of The Dream Raffle and he came to present me with a check. Our business is staying open!"

What do all these stories have in common?

The money given to these business owners, and many others from all over the country, came thanks to the sale of tickets from the “Dream Raffle”.

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Look at the pictures above and read their stories.

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Shmuel Sackett is Founder and Director of the "Am Yisrael Chai" Foundation and the Dream Raffle