Parents killed baby daughter, dumped body

17-year-old girl and partner from north cause death of their baby daughter, several days old, and dump her body in Haifa cemetery.

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Jewish cemetery
Jewish cemetery
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Police arrested a 17-year-old woman and her partner from the north of the country, on suspicion of causing the death of their baby daughter, who was several days old, and throwing her body in a cemetery in Haifa.

The suspect parents were remanded in custody at the Magistrate's Court in Haifa.

Last Sunday, an indictment was filed against Yaakov Yosovov (27) from Beer Ganim, for the reckless death of his four-month-old baby son. The father is also charged with assaulting and abusing a helpless minor. The mother of the baby, who is suspected of murder, was released on Monday under house arrest for a week.

Yosovov attacked his infant son, causing him severe head injuries and brain damage that led to his death. The prosecution seeks to detain the defendant until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

A report by the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine revealed that the injuries that caused the baby's death were caused on the same day the mother was at work, so he became the main suspect. As mentioned, the mother was released to a full seven days house arrest.