Newsmax soars as viewers sour on Fox News

20% of Americans now watch Fox News rival Newsmax, new poll shows, as conservative backlash against Fox News continues.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


One out of five American viewers now regularly tunes into Newsmax, a new poll shows.

Newsmax, which was until recently considered a minor cable news channel, has enjoyed a massive surge in viewership since last month’s presidential election.

While the channel averaged just 58,000 viewers during weekday primetime in July, the Nielsen ratings showed Newsmax surging even after the election, climbing to 568,000 primetime weekday viewers in mid-November, with daytime average viewership also increasing nearly tenfold, from 46,000 to 450,000.

Much of that increase has come at the expense of Fox News, which shares much of the conservative-leaning viewership Newsmax has been tapping into, along with the smaller One America News Network.

A new McLaughlin poll now shows that 20% of Americans regularly watch Newsmax, roughly in line with claims by Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy that the channel was watched by more than 30 million viewers in November.

The channel is viewed favorably by 25% of Americans, with just 14% having an unfavorable view of the channel, and a majority having neither a positive nor negative perception of the channel.

Fox News, on the other hand, has a net negative image, with nearly half of Americans (47%) having an unfavorable view of the channel.

Once the favored media outlet for right-of-center viewers, Fox News has faced a backlash from conservatives, who accuse the channel of anti-Trump bias in its coverage.

Early calls by the Fox News election desk for Joe Biden on election night further outraged some conservatives, who turned to Newsmax as an alternative.

President Trump called Fox News “virtually unwatchable” in a tweet Saturday, urging supporters to look elsewhere for news coverage.