Concern: 150 students may have caught COVID-19 on school buses

Students from Sharon region ordered into isolation after driver who drove them diagnosed with coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


150 students in the Sharon region, ranging in age from kindergarten to grade six, have gone into isolation in recent days after failing to keep social distancing rules on school buses, Channel 12 News revealed on Monday.

The students went into isolation after a driver who was diagnosed with coronavirus drove the students on different routes from a number of different localities.

An investigation revealed that the driver drove all the students since the current outline does not require maintaining capsules on buses, which causes students from different capsules to interact.

The mother of one of the students who came in contact with the infected driver expressed anger at the outline. "The capsules are so meticulous, children do not play during recess, teachers do not pass between them - but everyone is together on the bus and the driver mixes all the capsules on the way."

"What will I do if my son gets sick? This is such irresponsible conduct," the mother said.