Gantz: 'I'm sick and tired of Netanyahu'

Sources close to Gantz say the Defense Minister is increasingly frustrated with Prime Minister Netanyahu, with new elections likely.

David Rosenberg ,

Gantz and Netanyahu
Gantz and Netanyahu
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The coalition crisis in Israel continues to escalate, sources close to Defense Minister Benny Gantz claim, with the Blue and White party chief increasingly frustrated with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, moving the government closer to collapse.

In a report by Ma’ariv Monday morning, officials close to Gantz quoted him as saying that Gantz is “sick and tired” of Netanyahu’s behavior.

“I entered politics in order to contribute, not to suffer,” Gantz is quoted as saying. “I feel like I’m constantly having to block what Netanyahu and his people are trying to push forward. But I didn’t enter politics to block. I came to advance things.”

Gantz reportedly accused Netanyahu of breaking their agreements.

“I keep my side of the bargain, and expect the same thing from the prime minister. The budget is a matter of principle, and I’m sick and tired of this game that Netanyahu forces me and the country to play.”

For months, the Likud and Blue and White have sparred over passage of a spending plan, with Blue and White insisting the Likud back a two-year budget, as agreed in the coalition charter, while the Likud has called for passage of a less comprehensive, one-year budget in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the sources cited in the Ma’ariv report, Gantz now believes that early elections are inevitable, barring some serious change in Netanyahu’s behavior.

A senior Likud official noted that Netanyahu, too, is seriously considering going to early elections.

“The Prime Minister is thinking all the time about the question of whether to go to elections,” the source said.

“The latest polls, which give the Likud 30 seats, are encouraging him.”

The Likud official added that “in order to avoid elections, it isn’t enough to resolve the budget issue.”

In addition, the source said, “we need to sign on a new coalition agreement between the Likud and Blue and White.”