A virtual Taste of Israel- America

The Consulate General of Israel in NY is proud to present Zoom-Eat, a new international culinary zoom web series.

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Nir Zook
Nir Zook
Laetitia Boulud

The Consulate General of Israel in NY is proud to present: Zoom-Eat, A new international culinary zoom web series. The series will be featuring world-renowned chefs from Israel and America hosted by foodie superstar Jake Cohen.

In collaboration with Jews of NY the web series will allow Israelis and Americans to cook together with the biggest names in the culinary world - both from Israel and the US.

The season premiere will be featuring American celebrity and TV personality chef Amanda Freitag, the Food Network’s TV judge on ‘Chopped’, ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ and ‘Iron Chef America’. Alongside the renowned Israeli chef Nir Zook, a TV personality, published author who ran award-winning restaurants in Israel and America. The series will be hosted by social media star Jake Cohen, who is followed by over 300,000 users on IG.

The season premiere will air on November 30 at 12:00 EST and the next episodes will be released every two weeks. The first virtual meeting will take place in light of Pumpkin season and Thanksgiving, during which each of the chefs will cook a different recipe based on one ingredient.

The recipes will be published in advance on the Consulate’s social media platforms so that the viewers will be able to cook along with the chefs live.

The series of virtual meetings take place as part of a global project run by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in various countries worldwide to connect audiences through culinary.

Acting Consul General of Israel in New York, Israel Nitzan: "During COVID-19, while we are staying home and spending most of our days in front of screens. We wanted to bring some creativity while giving a fun and delicious fusion experience with the flavors of Israel meets America. Israel might be known as the Startup nation, but we are also leaders in the culinary world; I hope that COVID-19 will be behind us very soon and that the viewers of this web series will be able to visit Israel and get a real taste of it in a few months."

Yoav Davis the founder of ‘Jews of NY’: “Seeing how seriously the Israeli consulate of New York is taking their social and digital media efforts is really inspiring to me. This initiative brings together talent with a total following that is in the millions! This innovative and Covid-19 appropriate approach is the exact way Hasbara should be going in.”