Dr. Tara Chand forms Baloch American Congress

This is first time that former minister of Baluchistan government announces forming political org to highlight Baluchistan’s case abroad.

Mordechai Sones ,

Road through desert in Pakistani Balochistan
Road through desert in Pakistani Balochistan

Former Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) USA Chapter President and former minister in the Baluchistan government Dr. Tara Chand has announced the formation of a new political organization in the United States "to advance the struggle for the Baluch right to self-determination."

The former minister has founded the Baloch American Congress (BAC) in Washington D.C. to “strive for the achievement of the right of self-determination of Balochistan and will endeavor for the safeguarding of socio-political and cultural rights of the Baloch Diaspora in North America.”

"While several political and human rights organizations are currently working in North America and Europe for Baloch rights, this is the first time that a former minister of the Baluchistan government has announced the formation of a political organization to highlight Baluchistan’s case abroad," they said.