1,792 students diagnosed with virus, 27 schools closed

1,792 students have tested positive for COVID-19 along with 496 teaching staff members. 27 schools and 226 kindergartens temporarily closed.

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Technician checks COVID-19 tests
Technician checks COVID-19 tests
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Israel's Ministry of Education reported that 1,792 students have tested positive for COVID-19 along with 496 teaching staff, and that 27 schools out of 5,000 have temporarily closed down.

226 kindergartens out of approximately 21,000 across the country have also closed their doors.

Meanwhile, in a study published in the Nature Communications peer-review Wednesday, it was reported that the coronavirus is mutating rapidly as it spreads around the world. Reports stated, however, that none of the currently identified mutations have been associated with higher transmission rates.

Reuters notes that a research project from last spring indicated that scientists had identified at least 12,706 mutations of the virus.

According to the study, out of 46,723 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, around 13,000 mutations occurred, with 398 of these taking place repeatedly and independently. Scientists then focused on 185 independent mutations that occurred at least three times each, but found no evidence that these mutations were responsible for an increase in transmission rates – most mutations were found to be neutral in terms of their effect on humans, they concluded.

“Fortunately, we found that none of these mutations are making COVID-19 spread more rapidly,” said Lucy van Dorp, a professor at UCL’s Genetics Institute and one of the co-lead researchers on the research group.

Nonetheless, she added that, “We need to remain vigilant and continue monitoring new mutations, particularly as vaccines get rolled out.”