Fruits of peace: Scholastic collaboration with Abu Dhabi

First signs of success in Emirates deal: TLV U conducted webinar with senior members of Abu Dhabi's TRENDS Institute.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Online symposium today
Online symposium today

The Friends Association of Tel Aviv University headed by university president Amnon Dick and Director-General Adv. Adi Olmert, held a first-ever webinar with top experts from Abu Dhabi's TRENDS research center.

The online symposium, which comes on the footsteps of the two countries agreeing to scholastic cooperation, was led by Prof. Uzi Ravi, head of the Moshe Dayan center for Middle East Studies and Africa at Tel Aviv U. The meeting was attended by two members of the university's board of directors Yigal Landau and Adv. Yehuda Raveh.

Representatives from Tel Aviv U. discussed topics of mutual interest with senior research staff from the Abu-Dhabi academic center including: Dr. Mohammad Abdullah El-Ali, head of the faculty of science, Ahmad El-Astad, head of Strategic Studies at the university, Dr. Steven Belkval, as well as the political adviser, Dr. Patuach Heihal.

The symposium dealt with future collaboration between the two universities in the fields of economics and technology, and featured a symbolic signing of a memorandum for future cooperation.

Just over a month ago, in another historic development between the two states, an Etihad flight from Milan to Abu Dhabi passed over Israel after a deal was reached between aviation officials in the Ministry of Transportation and the United Arab Emirates.