Joe and Jill Biden: Grateful for the trust we have been given

Bidens write special Thanksgiving column, say that being apart during Thanksgiving is "the price of protecting each other"

Arutz Sheva ,

Joe and Jill Biden
Joe and Jill Biden

Joe and Jill Biden wrote a special Thanksgiving column for CNN noting that: "This Thanksgiving, tables throughout our country will have an empty chair".

"It may be for the loved one who can't travel or the parent stationed overseas", the Bidens explained, "Perhaps it's for your sister or brother just across town -- staying away to protect everyone during this pandemic, making sure next year will be celebrated together".

"For the families of the Americans lost this year, that chair is another reminder that someone they love will never come home again".

The Bidens emphasized that people shold not gather this Thanksgiving. "But if you do", they added, "there are ways to minimize your COVID risk".

"It is not a small sacrifice", they added, "These moments with our loved ones -- time that's lost -- can't be returned. Yet, we know it's the price of protecting each other and one we don't pay alone. Isolated in our own dining rooms and kitchens, scattered from coast to coast, we are healing together".

The Bidens wrote a long list of reasons to be grateful and added: "Most of all, we are grateful for the faith and trust we have been given to continue serving this beautiful, brave, complicated nation as your future President and first lady".