'Netanyahu's an expert in fabricating history'

Uzi Baruch, CEO and editor-in-chief of Arutz Sheva, following Likud attack on Yamina: 'Likud forgets that voters also have a memory.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Uzi Baruch
Uzi Baruch
Oren ben Hakun

Arutz Sheva CEO and editor-in-chief Uzi Baruch today addressed in a Galei Yisrael interview the latest round of confrontation between the Likud and Yamina parties over the upcoming elections.

Baruch referred to Likud claims that Bennett would form a Leftist government with Yair Lapid and said: "Bennett will run for prime minister and form a Right-leaning government. The Likud keeps repeating the mantra 'Bennett will go with Lapid' while forgetting that voters also have a memory."

He said, "Anyone who watched this week's Zman Emet investigation into Bennett must remember that the last time Bennett made an alliance with Lapid the reason was very simple. Netanyahu's attempt was then to keep him, along with 12 Yamina seats, out of government."

"The one to then receive the first phone call and the Justice Ministry on a silver platter from Netanyahu was Tzipi Livni, Chairwoman of 'The Movement'," Baruch recalled.

Baruch noted that "also before the last election, the Likud 'warned' of a Bennett alliance with Gantz and Nissenkorn, but ultimately, Netanyahu was the one who joined them, and quickly ceded the Justice portfolio to Nisenkorn. Netanyahu is the one who once again sold half of the government to the Left, so Netanyahu and the Likud are talking about Bennett? It couldn't be worse.

"Netanyahu is an expert in fabricating history," he added. "When we warned that Netanyahu would go with Gantz, people went berserk. When we told you he'd sell all the values of the Right to the Left you laughed at us. That's what happened and that's the truth, even if there are those on social media who troll and turn every fake into news."