Sa'ar: Government performing poorly, we're heading for elections

Likud MK says 'a government that fails to pass a budget has no right to exist.'

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Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
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MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud) explained in an interview with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on 103FM Wednesday night why he believes Israelis will soon go to the polls again.

"In August when there was the previous round, before the Hauser compromise, I thought it was crazy to go to the polls, when the government had only existed for three months. I have to say that given its very poor performance, it does not sound so bad to me today to go to the polls."

He added: "I also very much hope that there will be an agreement on the budget. It seems crazy to me that there will be no budget, that the country will not have a working plan, that reforms that are so vital during this crisis will not be passed. It's just a terrible thing. Even if we go to the polls, we should at least do this minimal thing for the citizens of the country."

He said the government could have already passed a budget. "I heard shortly before the interview that a budget debate has already been scheduled, and I very much hope that all parties will give it a chance, because in the end, if the result is that there will be no budget, it is a very bad thing for the country. So, I hope some compromise is found. By the way, Blue and White, they also do things, we saw this committee of inquiry in the middle of the week on the submarines, out of nowhere. I hope there will be a recovery, and I hope there will be unity. Of course after that you can deal with what should be the content of the budget, what should be the content of the Arrangements Law, but one thing is clear, a government that fails to pass a budget has no right to exist."

In the event of an election, will you also demand primaries for the head of the Likud list?

"You remember on the eve of the last election, I demanded primaries and also ran in them. I do not think we should act as if there are primaries all year long, and I also do not want to strengthen the budget issue in one direction or another."