Corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa laid to rest

Cadet killed in plane crash yesterday buried in Rishon Letzion military cemetery.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

funeral of Corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa
funeral of Corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa
Arutz Sheva

Corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa was laid to rest in the military cemetery of Rishon Letzion Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to family and friends, Israel Air Force Commander Major General Amikam Norkin also attended the funeral.

Earlier, Lihu was eulogized by his mother, Shibolet. "My Lihu, you were an amazing child, so happily and hopefully you went into service. I refrained from talking to you about my fears - I did not want to stop your momentum and your commitment."

The bereaved mother continued: "G-d, why? Why you? I don't understand. You were a gentle, quiet child, but you had so much talent and expertise in every field."

"In the last three years you have taken responsibility for yourself and for us, with your father, your twin brother and with me. You could always be trusted, leaned on, talked to. In conversations, on any subject, you always knew how to lay things out correctly - I learned so much from you.

"Where did you get your knowledge and common sense from? Like a gift from heaven - you had a special peace and inner confidence that I have no idea where you got it from. What will we do without you, my sweet?" she asked.

Corporal Lihu Ben-Bassa and Major (Res.) Itay Zayden were killed when their training plane crashed near Mishmar Hanegev yesterday,