Take-aways from November 2020, Part II: The new Trump-defined GPO

No foreign country messed with Trump. They did not hesitate to push us around, even kill an ambassador, under oh-so-cool Obama. Op-ed

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer ,

דונלד טראמפ
דונלד טראמפ
צילום: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

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Trump has changed the Republican party. The single highest priority for Republicans now is to preserve the new Trump-defined GOP. The old Grand Old Party was dominated by white-shoe, foo-foo country-club sorts and by determined capitalists like the Koch Brothers. The latter sorts look upon Mexicans and other South Americans as sub-human cheap labor. They imported as many millions of them as they could. They never cared that the millions were changing the electorate while driving down wages of working-class Whites and Blacks, union and non-union workers, because they and that pre-Trump GOP did not care about the working class but the upper-class economic and social elites.

Trump turned the GOP on its head: “Yes, very nice, all that lovely theory about ‘free trade,’ but American factories are closing, and we soon will not even be manufacturing aluminum and steel products in this country, posing an incomprehensible national security risk in times of war.”

Trump rebuilt the military while pulling us out of foreign adventures, demanding that Europeans pay their fair share towards NATO, staring down China and Russia on trade and on geopolitics, and brought three peace treaties in the Middle East while finally giving us a presidential administration that did not start a war.

Finally — four years without a single new war, though a whack on Qasem Soleimani, another whack on rapist and Muslim theologian Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the end of the ISIS caliphate.

No foreign country wanted to mess with Trump. Trump crazy? Yeah, crazy like a fox. They did not hesitate to push us around, even kill an ambassador, while we had oh-so-cool Obama and Hillary. We now shall see what lies in store under His Fraudulency.

The new Grand Old Party is built around new principles. It is more flexible and populist, less locked in to book theories and rigid philosophies that cannot be modified.

-Free trade is good, but no one does free trade. They all impose tariffs on America and cheat: China, Russia, and also Britain, France, and Germany . . . and everyone else. So a new US-MCA made even better sense.

-The Pan-Pacific needed to be panned.

-The Paris Accords were a fraud that, while crushing American industries, still allowed China and India to pollute away — and not one European co-signer onto those “accords” has complied with the terms.

-The Iran Deal was a mess, born in sin with secret payoffs to the mullahs, and now proven to have failed to stop Iran from continuing efforts to build a nuclear arsenal.

As the Democrats have made clear that their focus is on Black and Hispanic voters, more Rust Belt states with White voters have come to realize that their life-long love affair with the Democrats is over. For all the focus on how Georgia, Arizona, and Colorado have turned purple from red, few have noticed that the new Trump-driven Republican party has moved Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to purple from deep blue. Minnesota is inching over. Look at West Virginia and at Kentucky and at Iowa.

If the Republicans somehow return to the universe of the George Bushes, the Romneys, and the McCains, then the party is finished. Over the past half century, too many Illegal immigrants have entered, then been given amnesty, and the electorate does not have enough “Never Trump” George Wills, George Conways, George Bushes, and Koch Brothers to overcome that. But if the new flexible-and-populist vision of the party under Trump continues, then the close battleground states will continue moving to the GOP, disillusioned at having been abandoned wholesale by the Democrats. We have seen this trend for two consecutive elections. That is no longer a “Blue Firewall.”

Trump got great advice on how to handle the second debate. Had the first debate been handled that way . . . . He now has four years to contemplate whether there is a lesson to be learned there.

It is a shame that Pfizer and Moderna announced their pending Phase Three vaccine-testing results just after the elections. Trump was mocked by the Left for saying that, under his Operation Warp Speed, a bonafide vaccine could be at hand in November. Yes, it still is months away from mass distribution and vaccination, but he is a real hero in the war against COVID. Time will reveal.

Life is cyclical. Democrats thought Kennedy and Johnson were ushering in a new Democrat era, a brave new world and a Great Society. Nope. The Reagan Revolution augured a new conservative era, but he selected a George Bush to carry his legacy, and that was Reagan’s worst mistake, even more flawed than granting that first massive illegal-immigration amnesty. The Clintons thought they were changing Reagan’s America, but their mess-ups (Bill’s zipper, Hill’s crookedness) brought another Bush decade soon enough.

And then came Obama, who thought the oceans would stop rising and the earth would heal as he ascended his paper mache Greek or Roman columns. Obama’s two great contributions were:

(i) he foisted on a country at racial peace the falsehood of “systemic racism” even though his very election disproved that lie, and

(ii) he gave birth to the Trump Revolution.

Now we have an interlude, worthy of political elevator music, with His Fraudulency. It all is cyclical. Go back sometime and read Kohelet — the Book of Ecclesiastes — it all is there. If the GOP sticks with its guns — clings to its guns and religion — and does not back off, Bush style, into a “kinder and gentler” approach but firmly continues to demand tight borders, preserve Trump’s 400 new miles of border wall, defends rather than defunds the police, and calls out the fraud by which Black racists and Black Nationalists wield the camouflage of “Black Lives Matter” to beat up White people at restaurants and to intimidate weak school boards into brainwashing children and teens with the lies of critical race theory, then the GOP will see fruit in two years in the House and two years thence in the White House.

The White, Black, and Hispanic working class is moving in the right direction. Asian Americans are figuring out that they are not the “People of Color” that intersectionalists care about; quite the contrary — Asian Americans are the ones being kicked out and facing the worst discrimination under Left critical race theory and intersectionalism.

Many foolish suburban Independents will be kicking themselves these next two years, realizing that, because of objectionable tweets or other personality nuances that irked their neighbors or patients or customers, they now have cut their noses to spite their faces. Good — the impending Democrat lockdowns will make it challenging to obtain tissues once again. But if the Republicans revert to Romneyesque apologies for wanting to secure the border, and if they again nominate a man from the Upper Crust instead of a Crusty Trump, they are toast.

If G-d continues to give Mr. Trump good health, he should

(i) campaign all over Georgia and bring out his voters for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler on January 5, thus preserving the Republican Senate and leaving behind a compelling memory as Republicans contemplate those coattails,

(ii) use the barnstorming throughout Georgia to remind voters of all he accomplished in only four years while subjected to 48 and more months of sabotage from within and without,

(iii) make himself available regularly for TV interviews these next four years and keep tweeting daily,

(iv) play a key role in 2022 campaigning in tight 50-50 House districts where his presence can flip more GOP seats over,

(v) write a book a year (which can be ghost-written, so is easier to produce annually, as politicians like Obama and Hillary do) and then leverage those annual books to be all over the media for months, and

(vi) run again in 2024.

His Fraudulency will not be on the next ballot. The recent year of Democrat primaries brought home that they have no one. Kamala Harris slept her way into public life, and she fizzled immediately when she ran. Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Beto, Mayor Pete, Swalwell — the whole bunch of them failed to take off. Bloomberg plummeted instantly like an anvil in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Nothing proves their own nullity more than that they lost to His Fraudulency, a 47-year political hack who even has lied brazenly about his own biography, his grades and class standing in school, his family, his father, and everything he has touched. Trump’s got it in 2024 if he shows himself capable of self-tweaking and fine tuning.

OK. Gotta stop now. Governor Gruesome probably has announced a curfew on typing from Thanksgiving Weekend 2020 to Rosh Hashanah 2021. I hope it does not apply to spellchecking if I wear a mask and cover my keyboard with Silicon Valley silicon, while spooning $13-a-pint ice cream. Oh wait, that company’s products are not kosher. Just like Nancy Pelosi and His Fraudulency.