Watch: Netanyahu speaks with Jonathan Pollard and wife Esther

Netanyahu spoke last night with Jonathan Pollard and wife Esther in warm and moving conversation, after restrictions on Pollard were ended.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

יהונתן ואסתר פולארד
יהונתן ואסתר פולארד
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today spoke by telephone to Jonathan Pollard.

Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated Jonathan Pollard and told him: "We're waiting for you. You should really feel at home. You should now have a comfortable life where both of you can pursue your interests and we can take care of Esther in the best medical treatment in the world."

Jonathan Pollard thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu for standing by his word from several years ago when he said he would bring him to Israel. The Prime Minister thanked him for his moving remarks.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Jonathan Pollard's wife Esther: "We are waiting for you, even during the coronavirus, with open arms. You will receive from us the genuine embrace of the people of Israel. I want to congratulate you both that this nightmare is over and you will be able to return home to Israel."