Rabbi Kanievsky instructs haredi girls' schools to reopen

Despite opposition from Health Ministry, leading haredi rabbi calls on haredi educators to fully reopen girls' schools.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the most prominent rabbinic figures in the Lithuanian (non-Hasidic) haredi sector, has called for the immediate and complete reopening of haredi girls’ schools.

While the government has moved forward with its plans for a staggered reopening of the education system, with grades five and six set to resume studies on Tuesday, a letter penned by Rabbi Kanievsky’s daughter, Rebbetzin Leah Koldetzki, to haredi school administrators urged them to resume studies for girls of all ages.

The letter cited Rabbi Kanievsky, who is quoted as saying that haredi school administrators are obliged to “do everything possible” to prevent a decline in the students’ condition and “reopen educational programs for all grades as soon as is possible.”

Last month, Rabbi Kanievsky instructed haredi school administrators to reopen boys schools, despite orders from the Health Ministry that they remain shuttered.

In early October, Rabbi Kanievsky, 92, tested positive for the coronavirus.