'Israelis must persist use facial masks, they save lives'

Dr. Yoav Lurie, Head of Shaare Zedek's Liver Unit, lauds Israel's coronavirus vaccine deals, calls for draconian enforcement of mask mandate

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Shimon Cohen ,

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Israel should adopt draconian enforcement policies for its mask mandate, argues Dr. Yoav Lurie in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

Dr. Lurie, who serves as the head of Shaare Medical Center’s Liver Unit, lauded the Netanyahu government’s recent deals to import millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines next year, but added that Israelis must persist in their use of facial masks – and the government must adopt more aggressive policies to enforce the use of masks.

“I want to praise the prime minister on the decision to buy vaccines from three different companies, because when you’re facing a terrible enemy you don’t always know which weapon will work, so you buy everything you can,” Lurie said, following Netanyahu’s announcement that Israel signed its third deal for importing coronavirus vaccine doses.

“Until there is a vaccine, we have something that costs next to nothing, and that’s a mask. Why aren’t we enforcing the mask mandate with draconian measures?”

“Why are fifty percent of people going around on the street without masks? The elderly are the ones who are most likely to adhere to the requirement. But half of the people we see outside are going around with a mask on their hand, on their knee, on their chin, and aren’t wearing it the way they’re supposed to.”

“The fines need to begin at 10,000 shekels ($3000),” Dr. Lurie continued, calling for a 20-fold increase from the current fine of 500 shekels ($150).

“Why don’t some big strong cops go out and grab people who are going around shopping without a mask and wipe the smile off their faces by giving them a 10,000-shekel-fine on the spot?”