Netanyahu: Everyone who wants coronavirus vaccine will get it

Israel signs new deal to bring millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine. Three separate vaccines to be imported in near future.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Sunday afternoon that Israel has signed a new deal to acquire doses of a coronavirus vaccine now being tested.

The agreement was signed with AstraZeneca, and it is the third such deal signed by foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers with the State of Israel for the import of coronavirus vaccines.

Netanyahu announced the signing at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, saying the new agreement would ensure Israel access to millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines.

"Over the weekend, we brought another achievement in the fight against the coronavirus. We reached an understanding with AstraZeneca for the acquisition of millions of vaccines for the citizens of Israel. I note that this joins the agreements that we have reached with Pfizer and Moderna for the supply of millions of other vaccines for the State of Israel.”

“Our policy is to bring as many vaccines as possible from as many sources as possible, for as many citizens as possible as quickly as possible. Every Israeli citizen who so desires will be able to be vaccinated. The rule that we have determined is – being over-prepared is better than being under-prepared."

The Prime Minister also announced the cabinet’s decision to remove bureaucratic barriers for new immigrants to Israel seeking employment as healthcare providers.

"Today I am submitting for Cabinet approval the decision to remove the obstacles standing in the way of employing new immigrants in the medical professions.”

“We must endeavor to assist immigrants in integrating into the labor market in Israel. This proposal utilizes the employment potential of new immigrants in the field of medicine. We have been fighting for this for many years. There is no reason why people who come from France, for example, from an excellent health system that is among the most advanced in the world, and the bureaucratic obstacles are bureaucratic obstacles and nothing more.”

“Of course, this decision will also contribute to the state. There will be more who work in medicine in Israel, a field which is always important, but especially in these days."